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2024/5/14 13:42:57

SINGAPORE, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore is thrilled to introduce two new gnomes-themed family rooms. Gnomes were chosen as the centrepiece due to their symbolic role as guardians of the environment and advocates of sustainability.

The Gnome’s Burrow at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore
The Gnome’s Burrow at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

These endearing creatures have crafted their homes beneath majestic oak trees, ensuring minimal disruption to the natural surroundings and embodying the principles of sustainable living. The gnomes' innate craftsmanship shines through as they repurpose fallen branches and leaves, transforming them into charming homes and furniture. Their resourcefulness and creativity demonstrate the harmonious coexistence of sustainability and beauty, showcasing how discarded materials can be transformed into stunning works of art. But the gnomes' dedication to the environment extends beyond their own abodes. They passionately support wildlife conservation by providing bird feeders and nesting boxes, creating safe havens for birds to rest and nurture their offspring.

The choice of gnomes as the theme for the hotel's new family rooms aligns with PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Through this whimsical world, guests can immerse themselves in the spirit of these eco-warriors and experience the magic of sustainable living firsthand.

Introducing The Gnome's Burrow and The Gnome's Treehouse:

The Gnome's Burrow

The Gnome's Burrow is designed as a whimsical underground hideaway, where guests are invited to embark on a journey of discovery. The room is adorned with earthy tones, vibrant murals depicting gnomes' life, and charming mushroom accents. The highlight of The Gnome's Burrow is an exhilarating slide, reminiscent of a gnome's secret passageway.

The Gnome's Treehouse

The Gnome’s Treehouse at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore
The Gnome’s Treehouse at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore

The Gnome's Treehouse is a magical abode nestled amidst the branches of an imaginary tree. The little ones will be captivated by the intricate treehouse design, adorned with leafy motifs, twinkling fairy lights, and charming gnomes' treetop dwellings. The little ones can let their imaginations soar as they climb, play, and explore the various nooks and crannies of this elevated sanctuary.

Welcome to Gnome's Land, where sustainability thrives, and the gnomes' love for the earth knows no bounds. PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore's Gnome's Land Package is now available for bookings.

PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore's Gnome's Land Package includes:

For reservations, please contact us on +65 6722 6780, email, or visit Download high resolution images here. 


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